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When compared with galvanized steel or CPVC pipes,
copper plumbing offers significant advantages.

Copper is extremely durable, easy and flexible to install, corrosion resistant, safer in natural disasters, resistant to weather and bacteria and priced competitively.Copper tubing is also available in a wide range of diameters (from 1/8 inch to 12 inches) and wall thicknesses. Fittings to suit every design application are readily obtained. The lead has been removed from the copper manufacturing process so it does not pose a health risk, ensures a safer water supply and is clean, unlike the galvanized pipes. Copper is also bio static, which means bacteria can not grow. Copper is uneffected by ultraviolet rays so it can be used for outdoor applications like sprinkler systems.

Today copper tube has proven superior for so many uses. To
include some; Underground water and gas services, Water distribution
systems, Chilled water mains, Drainage and vent systems, and Heating
systems (including solar). Most important, copper is durable enough
conceal in concrete without worry.

Copper is known for its dependability. The more copper used in an installation, the more you can count on reliable performance. Its popularity in plumbing systems is an added indication of copper's supremacy to substitute materials.

Maintenance Free
Copper, used for centuries, has gained new recognition in its present form: light, sturdy, corrosion-resistant tube. Its long-lasting and maintenance-free characteristics make copper the leading choice for plumbing. Copper never requires painting for protection from corrosion. In addition, a thin film forms inside the tube, providing natural protection from corrosion. Copper's trouble-free service means satisfied customers. And its worldwide acceptability confirms conformity with major building codes. Copper is safe, will not burn or support incineration. Copper it will not carry fire through floors, walls and ceilings, and it will not decompose into toxic gases.

Copper's flexibility can reduce installation time and reduce labor cost. Because of copper's formability, it is often possible to eliminate elbows and joints and can be fitted to most plumbing layout plans right on the job site. Since copper is firm as well as readily formable, it adds to total system reliability even when subjected to undesirable circumstances.

Using copper will reduce repair and maintenance costs sufficiently because of the many beneficial qualities. Copper is a long term investment. Copper has a 50 year warranty. It may be more costly initially but it may not be as expensive as it would be to repair damage from leaks and cracks that can do extensive damage to surrounding build structures.

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