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Copper Repiping has been Peerless Plumbing's only business for 24 years. Each technician has been properly trained and supervised in a specific area of copper repiping. We make sure you get the best possible quality in every area of your project.

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"We are proud to serve our customers. If you have polybutylene, copper or galvanized pipes, Peerless' team of repipe specialists are ready to take action! Our proven professional skills providing service in occupied units with minimal disturbance is unsurpassed! With the experience of over 5,000 piping installations, Peerless Plumbing is Maricopa County's #1 Repipe Specialist!"
- Mr. Randy Rushing, Owner/President of Peerless Plumbing


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Two New Peerless Plumbing Divisions
Peerless Electronic and Video Inspection Services: Using new state of the art video equipment, we can pin point exactly where your water leaks and/or sewer line problems are!
NU Flow of Arizona: New high tech equipment and/or technology to repair sewer lines using trenchless pipe restoration systems.
Go to or for information on this new
No Digging Method to Repair Sewer Lines!