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The Advantages of PEX

  • PEX is one of the most versatile, easy to use plumbing systems available.
  • It is suitable for use with hot or cold water.
  • It can be used with steel, copper, PVC and CPVC plumbing pipe.
  • PEX is the most flexible plumbing pipe available.
  • PEX requires fewer fittings, therefore has less opportunities to leak and installs faster.
  • The flexibility also allows it to expand and contract more than other types of pipe, making it burst resistant.
  • PEX systems have a shutoff valve at each supply line. This allows easier repairs to be made to an operational system.

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PEX is cross-linked polyethylene.

In Reeves Journal, May 1996, page 23, James Hinte, technical engineer for Vanguard plastics (a major, quality-oriented, PEX piping manufacturer) wrote:
".....Cross-linking is a delicate operation-either too much or too little of it can compromise the quality of the finished product....." Because of the variety of materials used in the PEX manufacturing processes, long term performance is not guaranteed in each case. Users should be careful to consider only pipes which have been tested and shown to meet the requirements of hot water pressure applications."
PEX was developed in the 1960s. PEX tubing has been in use in many European countries for plumbing, radiant heating and snow melt applications since that time. PEX was introduced in the United States in the 1980s, and has seen significant growth in market demand and production.

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