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There are several types of pipes used for supplying water to homes in our area Copper, CPVC, PEX, Kitec, Polybutylene, Poly and Galvanized.

Copper comes in three grades, M for thin wall pipe used mainly inside, L for thicker wall pipe used for outside water services, and K the thickest used mainly between water mains and the water meter. Copper lasts a long time, is durable and connects well to valves.
Copper should not be used if the water has a PH of 6.5 or less. Private well water systems often have a PH below 6.5. In this case, a treatment system is a good idea to make the water less acidic.

CPVC is a slightly yellow plastic pipe used inside the home. Areas with corrosive water benefit by the use of this piping. CPVC pipes will last a long time.
PEX is a cross linked version of polybutylene. The modular chains are linked into a three-dimensional network making PEX durable in a range of temperatures, pressures and chemicals. PEX is flexible and works well for corrosive water conditions. It can stretch to accommodate freezing water and then will return to original size when the water thaws. Remember is it freeze resistant, but no material is freeze-break proof.
PVC pipe is plastic, white and used outside. It can only be used for cold water and is usually used for water services between the meter and building or irrigation.
Poly is a soft plastic pipe that comes in coils, used for cold water. It can crack with age or wear through from rocks. Other weak points can be the stainless steel clamps or galvanized couplings.
Kitec is a multipurpose pressure pipe that unites the advantages of metal and plastic. It is made of aluminum tube laminated to plastic. Litec is non-corroding and resists most acids, salt solutions, alkalis, fats and oils.
Galvanized Steel pipes corrode. You can only expect about 40 years of use from it. The main problem with this pipe is over time water will be restricted by corrosion and eventually the pipes fill completely. Over time you will notice an unpleasant odor, stained clothing, and low water pressure. Bacteria builds up in galvanized pipes as well as toxic mold.
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