So.. What do you get with new copper pipes:
Fresh, Clean Water, Great Water Pressure
Refreshing shower with out being scaulded
No leaky pipes, No worries!

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A normal plumbing system consists of pressure vs. volume. Pressure is expressed by P.S.I. (pounds per square inch), which is measured by how much pressure the water department is pumping into your area. Volume is how much water can flow through your pipes. When your pipes are plugged, you do not intake the best possible volume on your premises. It is comparable to having clogged arteries. If you see signs of rust on the exterior of the pipes, erosion or corrosion, you have the potential for leaks or pipe bursts, which could cost you thousands of dollars in water damage.

Waste leaks occur due to corrosion of galvanized or cast iron piping aged over 25 years. Waste leaks and spills under a house or building is hazardous to our well being.

Copper repiping is a system-wide solution that cuts down on costly water damage repair bills, saves money on water lost to an inefficient system, improves delivery of hot water and most importantly for many people, eliminates the inconvenience of having low water pressure leaks. You can take a comfortable shower, wash dishes, use the sprinkler and wash laundry all at the same time!

Do your pipes look like these corroded galvanized pipes?
Repiping your home with copper can bring life back to your water system!
Call Peerless Plumbing today and enjoy all the pleasures of copper!

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