How it's done!

Ever wonder how we can repair your sewer and drain lines without digging?  Here's how we do it!

Video Inspections

Video Before

Video Before

Video Before

Camera Inspection

Using specialized cameras, we can see what your sewer lines hold in store.  We are able to see roots, cracks, breaks, scale and buildup.

Video After

Video Before

Video Before

Post Lining Video

We inspect all NuDrain liners after installation to ensure a seamless install, and that all issues found before lining have been addressed.

How It Works

Damaged and clogged sewer

Over time, your sewer lines can become clogged and obstructed.  Sewer lines can break down, rust, erode, and crack, leaving the ground surrounding the pipe vulnerable, as well as the pipe itself.  External factors, such as tree roots, can infiltrate the pipe, trapping even more debris.  Much like a kitchen strainer, small items and liquid may still flow, but larger items will get stuck.  After a while, your drain will slow, and may start to back up. 

Cleaning sewer

That’s where Peerless Plumbing comes in.  First we expose existing access points or create access points. The existing pipe system is inspected for integrity and breaks in pipe using a drain camera. Corrosion roots and missing sections in the pipe are located. Temporary bypass drain piping provisions are installed as necessary.  Our state of the art equipment can power through the debris, freeing up the pipe.  Depending on the debris, we may use a rotary type tool as shown, or high pressure water to clear the pipe.  Once the pipe has been cleared, our highly trained technicians will perform a camera inspection of the pipe to determine the next course of action.  We can pin point where in the pipe the weakness, cracks or erosion have occurred. 

NuDrain lined sewer

Once your sewer pipe is clean, and we have inspected the line, we begin the lining process. An epoxy-saturated felt liner with an internal bladder is pulled through the cleaned pipe system, using the existing access points.  The bladder is inflated and the epoxy is pushed against your existing pipe.  The epoxy will cure into an extremely hard material, covering any cracks and holes in your pipe. 

Why go trenchless?

Saves Money & Time

Completing pipe repairs using trenchless technology is less expensive because structural modification, such as digging-up the ground or taking out floors/walls, is not required. Often, no digging equipment is necessary saving that cost and time. With less physical disruption, and the less clean-up effort, there is less labor required.  Even with less labor needed, the pipe repair is completed quicker, which also reduces the number of labor hours. 

Less Disruptive & Environmentally Friendly

No digging-up of your ground, or tearing-up of your walls and floors not only reduces any environmental damage, it dramatically reduces the time and associated costs!  These trenchless techniques are also the least costly option as well as the least disruptive.  Less hassle for you and your tenants occupying the premises. 

Demolition is a thing of the past when it comes to repairing sewer lines.

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