Pipe Restoration



Pipe Restoration, or Epoxy Pipe Lining is the most cost-effective and efficient way to restore your failing sewer lines.  The “Trenchless” method is the non-invasive, time saving, less frustrating way to repair sewer lines, all without digging.

Instead of creating a mess of your business or industrial site, we use existing cleanouts or manholes to reach your sewer pipes, and do the repair from there.  Trenchless pipe lining is the best way to repair your lines, and has incredible benefits.

It’s Durable
Epoxy Pipe Restoration may outlast the rest of your pipes.

It’s Affordable
Because there is less labor to dig and replace, Epoxy Pipe Restoration is extremely affordable.

It’s Non-Destructive
Your business and employees will hardly know we’re there, because we do not have to dig.  This means less repairs, interruptions and headaches.

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Big business or small, there’s a solution for you.  Epoxy Pipe Restoration allows us to work on a large variety of pipe types, lengths and diameters.  Our technicians are highly trained in pipes big and small.

For commercial sewers, we can work with everything from smaller laterals to city mains. For our commercial sewer repairs, we access sewer pipes through manholes and restore them underground with little impact to your business.  Pipe Restoration typically takes a day or two, as opposed to weeks or months.  This means we’re in and out, and your business can keep going.

With trenchless technology, we do away with the digging and sewer replacement like traditional repairs.

Lining is the most practical way to repair sewer pipes with ease, and brings several other benefits specifically for commercial and industrial sites.

  • Little to no damage to property
  • Resistant to the elements and won’t degrade like traditional pipes
  • Less time; Pipe Restoration can be done in as little as a day
  • Reliable and cost effective