We understand

We know what's important


We know your family is important to you.  Your family’s happiness is a top priority.  Our top priority is to provide you with a quick solution to your plumbing needs, so you can get back to what’s important.

For any plumbing issues, from small problems like a clogged drain to major sewer pipe disasters, there’s one thing that stays the same: frustration.

There's an easier way!


What if we told you, there’s an easier way?

With state of the art technologies, Peerless Plumbing accommodate all your underground pipe repair needs without extensive digging.  Using epoxy pipe restoration, we can seal and repair  without the digging.  We prefer to keep the digging to the four-legged family members.

Before Lining

Yes, your sewer lines could look like this.  Peerless Plumbing Company will use a camera to inspect your lines for any signs of damage or intrusions.

After Lining

Once your sewer line has been lined using our state of the art epoxy lining technology, your sewer will look better than new, and will hold up better and longer than your previous pipes.

You will be provided a before and after video, so be sure to show all your friends.  It makes a great conversation starter!

Repipe Services


If your pipes have seen better days, and have started to leave you with less pressure or leaks, Peerless Plumbing will replace your existing water lines with copper pipes.


Ever wish your sink was somewhere else?  Well, Peerless Plumbing can help.  We can move your existing lines and drains to a more desirable spot.


We use only the highest quality products.  But should an issue arise, we'll come back, no questions asked.  Our team of professionals takes pride in providing you with top notch service, from start to finish.  We aren't finished until you're 100% satisfied.  

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