Do You Know What’s Under Your Home?

Do You Know What's Under Your Home?

Do you hear strange scratching noises coming from under your sinks, tubs, or toilets? Using our high-definition sewer cameras, we can check out those noises to see what’s going on. Camera inspections are crucial for home buying, and businesses. Small animals such as mice, can enter your sewer lines from the roof, uncovered sewer cleanouts, and even holes in your pipes. These little guys may be cute, but they can literally chew through your pipes.

They say to not spray chemical weed killers on flowers so that the bees can pollinate; the same goes for these little guys. Pouring chemicals down your drain puts them in danger. These cute, but pesky guys eat the bugs in your sewer lines. Let us make them move to another home…

When we identify a point of entry using our high-definition sewer camera, we can create a plan to seal it off, so these guys go somewhere else. Our NuDrain structural liner can cover holes and cracks in your sewer lines that these guys like to go through. We will make sure they don’t have a way to get back in.

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This is by far the best experience I’ve ever had with a plumbing company. Or any company as a matter of fact. Lindsey made sure we understood the repairs and that we had constant communication. The crew was punctual, very friendly and knowledgeable. I will always use Peerless Plumbing for all my needs and recommend to anyone and everyone. Thank you guys!!!!! (Google)

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