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There was a time when restoring pipes almost always meant dig-and-replace methods. These days, property owners have a much more convenient and less invasive option: trenchless pipe restoration. As the leading trenchless contractor in Tempe, AZ, Peerless Plumbing Company recommends this excavation-free alternative to traditional repair. Whether in the residential, commercial, or industrial setting, the benefits of trenchless pipe restoration is undeniable.

What is Trenchless Pipe Restoration?

Trenchless pipe restoration is a trench-free or no-dig way of restoring damaged pipes. We use these fast and effective restoration methods for sewer lining and plumbing restoration. It's an affordable and minimally disruptive way to restore residential and commercial pipes in various locations, including ones underground as well as one in walls, floors, or ceilings.

Signs You Need Trenchless Pipe Restoration

Water gathering around pipe locations, peeling plaster, clogs and other issues affecting multiple drains, damage to your floors or foundation, and rising water/sewage bills are among the common signs you may need trenchless services.

It's a flexible and highly adaptable way to address an assortment of pipe-related issues, including:

  • Root damage from trees or shrubs
  • Cracks and other flaws caused by corrosion and wear
  • Weakness around pipe joints and places where connections are made
  • Structural flaws from ground/soil movement or other contributing factors

Importance and Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Restoration

For both homeowners and business owners trenchless pipe restoration offers an assortment of appealing and much-appreciated benefits. One of the top ones is the trenchless service provider being able to do the work in much less time than what's typical with traditional methods. This is especially important for our commercial clients preferring limited disruptions to day-to-day business operations.

Trench-free pipe restoration comes with additional benefits that include:

  • Limiting the work area
  • Completing the work with a smaller crew and no big, heavy equipment
  • Extending the life of existing pipes for many more years
  • Eliminating costly post-work restoration costs

The Trenchless Pipe Restoration Process

Our certified NuDrain installers use reliable and patented NuFlow products and materials to restore home and business pipes in Tempe, AZ. When possible, we use lining to revive aging or damaged pipes, including lateral and main sewer lines. It's done by inserting a resin-filled liner into the affected pipe. Once the coating solidifies, the interior spaces are fully restored. With commercial pipes, the work is done through manholes and other existing entry points. We also use available access points for residential pipes when it's possible to do so.

Why Choose Our Team

Peerless Plumbing Company is a top-rated, locally preferred trenchless company with extensive experience effectively restoring pipes for our clients with money-saving, extremely reliable NuFlow trenchless technology. Everyone on our team is dedicated to making your experience with us a pleasant one with premium-quality work.

This includes the following:

  • Accurate, pre-work estimates
  • Upfront rates and honest opinions
  • Extensive experience repairing and restoring pipes
  • Prompt, thorough work that produces long-term results

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