Roots Got You Down?

Don’t let roots get in the way of your sewer lines. Roots from many feet away can infiltrate your sewer line through small cracks and joints. These roots will find a water source in your sewer line, and continue to grow. As the roots grow, they will start to catch solids as they exit your line, creating a dam, and eventually causing a backup in your home.

This home was built in the late 1980s with all ABS schedule 40 plastic sewer lines. The roots got through a small hairline fracture in the pipe, and continued to grow. The homeowner was experiencing frequent backups. We were able to get out there and clear the roots in less than 20 minutes. This customer will be getting a NuDrain liner installed in a few weeks to close off the entry points for the roots, so they never return.

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Peerless did a great job cleaning out my sewer lines. Mike and Wyatt were very professional and answered all my questions. They are a credit to the company. I will count on using Peerless in the future. (Google)


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