Essential Tips For Sewer Line Maintenance

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Most homeowners aren’t generally keen on allotting a portion of their budget to sewer line maintenance. The problem with this is that should problems develop with their sewer system, they often end up more costly than if they had taken care of maintenance in the first place.

The good news is that Peerless Plumbing Company is here to help you with your sewer line maintenance. As the leading name for trenchless sewer repair in Phoenix, AZ, we’ve determined the best ways to keep sewer lines in great working condition. Take note of the following maintenance tips.

Dispose of Grease Properly

Grease buildup in drains is a common reason we get calls for sewer line repair services. While it may not have an immediate impact, it gradually causes clogs and blockages over time. Never pour grease or oil down the drain or into the toilet. If sufficient amounts of these materials accumulate, you’re sure to develop sewer line problems down the line.

Watch Your Garbage Disposal

Extreme caution is essential when using a garbage disposal. Large, fibrous, or complex foods should not be discarded down the garbage disposal since they can damage or clog them. You can avoid a trenchless pipe repair if you run cold water down the drain while using the garbage disposal because water will break food scraps into smaller pieces, hence becoming less prone to clogging.

Check Out Sewer Lines

If your property connects to a sewer system instead of a septic tank, you have the sewer pipes inspected periodically for signs of tree roots that could cause damage. Having your sewer lines snaked will save you money on the cost of doing a trenchless pipe lining. You can request an assessment if you have a problem with your sewage.

Contact Peerless Plumbing Company if you require drain lining or any other type of plumbing assistance. Our team of skilled plumbers will inspect your sewer line and provide you with the most appropriate solutions going forward. Contact our team today!

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