How Often Should Drain Cleaning Be Done?

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Clogging issues are not only annoying but can also lead to significant damage if left unaddressed. Regular drain cleaning is essential to maintain the smooth operation of your plumbing system and prevent costly repairs. But how often should you schedule a professional drain cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ

In this blog, we explore the optimal frequency of professional drain cleaning services and understand the factors that influence it.

Factors Influencing Drain Cleaning Frequency

Consider scheduling professional drain cleanings annually as a preventive measure. Regular maintenance can remove accumulated debris, preventing severe clogs and potential water damage. The frequency of professional drain cleaning also depends on several factors, including:

Usage Patterns

The more frequently your drains are used, the more susceptible they are to clogs. High-traffic areas like the kitchen or bathroom might require more frequent cleaning compared to drains in guest rooms or basements.

Type of Drain

Different drains serve various purposes in your home. Kitchen drains often deal with grease and food particles and can often be dealt with via drain snaking, while bathroom drains contend with hair, soap scum, and other debris. Each type of drain may require different cleaning schedules based on the specific materials they handle.

Age of the Plumbing System

Older plumbing systems are more prone to corrosion, buildup, and damage. If your home has an aging plumbing system, it might be wise to schedule more frequent cleanings to prevent potential clogged drain issues.

Water Hardness Levels

The water quality in your area can impact your drains. Hard water, which contains a high mineral content, can lead to mineral buildup inside pipes. Additionally, regions prone to tree roots infiltrating sewer lines might need more frequent drain cleaning company visits to prevent blockages.

By understanding the factors that influence cleaning schedules and staying proactive through regular inspections, you can ensure a smooth flow and prevent the inconvenience of clogged drains. 

Peerless Plumbing Company can provide a customized drain cleaning routine that suits your needs. Contact us for an appointment.

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