Preparing Your Pipes for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season

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The hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and the holiday season often means plenty of preparations, hosting guests, and extra chores and errands. At Peerless Plumbing Company and Nudrain Phoenix, we help Phoenix homeowners maintain a properly functioning plumbing system. We offer a full range of plumbing and pipe repair services, specializing in trenchless sewer repair in Phoenix, AZ.

To make sure that your home’s plumbing system can handle all the wastewater traffic, follow these tips from our trusted drain lining experts about preparing your pipes for the holiday season.

Shop for Plumbing-Friendly Products

During the holiday season, your household may go through more bathroom tissue and other paper products. Many people do extra cleaning in order to prepare their homes for visitors and keep germs away. When choosing paper and cleaning products, select items that are plumbing-friendly. Damage from corrosive cleaners and paper clogs often requires a sewer line repair.

Use Caution With the Garbage Disposal

Before the holidays, clean the garbage disposal. Use the garbage disposal with great caution when cooking and cleaning after meals. Fibrous and starchy foods, such as potato peels, noodles and grains should never go down the disposal. Avoid putting bones, grease, oil or fatty foods in the disposal or drain. If a problem occurs, we offer trenchless pipe lining to restore your wastewater pipe.

Schedule a Plumbing Inspection

Scheduling a plumbing inspection with a professional is the best way to prepare your pipes and drains for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. The plumber checks for buildup that could lead to a clog or sewage backup. If needed, our plumbers perform hydro jetting, augering or other trenchless pipe repair or cleaning services to get your plumbing in top shape.

Contact us for more expert tips on preparing your pipes for the holidays or to schedule any plumbing service or trenchless repairs.

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