Top Habits That Could Be Causing Your Drains to Clog Up

Top Habits That Could Be Causing Your Drains to Clog Up

Here at Peerless Plumbing Company, we get calls every day from homeowners in Scottsdale, AZ, who have drains in their homes that are clogged up from all kinds of stuff. We’re always happy to perform a sewer video inspection to locate the clog. But what makes us even happier is when we get to help you avoid the problem in the first place.

Here are some of the top habits we see among our residential customers that make them call us for an inspection.

Dumping Food Scraps Down the Garbage Disposal

One bad habit that commonly leads to clogged drains is that of dumping food scraps straight into the kitchen sink. We see this one all the time, and it’s a common reason why customers call us for our sewer camera inspection services.

So next time you peel a bunch of potatoes and veggies–or next time you clear the table after dinner–dump the bulk of those food scraps into the trash first and then run the disposal while you rinse the residue off the plates before putting them in the dishwasher. You’ll not only help prevent your kitchen sink from getting clogged up, but you’ll also extend the life of your garbage disposal unit.

Letting Bar Soap Go Down the Shower or Sink Drain

We all have times when that last little sliver of the bar of soap slips out of our hands while we’re taking a shower and gets washed down into the drain. Sometimes it’ll get stuck on the drain plate, and folks will intentionally step on it and mash it down into the drain.

Those little chunks of soap can get stuck in your pipes. When they dry out, they can become hard like plastic and create clogs in your pipes. To avoid the need for professional drain inspection, make a habit of tossing those slivers of soap in the trash instead of down the shower drain.

Flushing Trash Down the Toilet

Another bad habit many people have that causes clogged toilets and drain pipes is flushing debris down the toilet. We’ve discovered things like used pads and hygiene products block sewer pipes during many plumbing inspection procedures. Sometimes kids will toss small toys in the toilet. And even using a lot of toilet paper on a single flush can cause problems.

To avoid the need for a pipe camera inspection, make sure that no paper products or trash go into the toilet other than toilet paper.

Next time you encounter clogged-up drains in your home and need a sewer camera inspection in Scottsdale, AZ, turn to Peerless Plumbing Company. We’ll find the source of the blockage and get your pipes flowing smoothly again in no time.

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